Marko Keegan

Investigative reporter turned news blogger turned into something more.


Str 10
Dex 12
Con 12
Int 14
Wis 14
Cha 12

(14 pts)

Attack 2
Defense 2
Fort 2
Reflexes 2
Will 2

(10 pts)

Benefit: Press Pass
Wealth 1
Well Informed

(5 pts)

Bluff 2
Gather Information 3
Investigate 5
Diplomacy 3
Language (Spanish)
Notice 6
Perform (Writing) 5
Profession (Reporter) 5
Sense Motive 4
Swim 2
Knowledge (Civics) 2
Knowledge (Current Events) 5
Knowledge (History) 2
Knowledge (Popular Culture) 5
Knowledge (Streetwise) 2
Knowledge (Technology) 3
Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) 2

(60 skills/4 = 15 pts)

Spatial Control 6 (Accurate) (27 pts)
Feats:Change Direction, Change Velocity, Easy, Turnabout, Progression 2, Subtle (noticeable via Spatial Awareness)
AP: Teleport 6 (Full Action (-2), Portal (2))
AP: Teleport 6 (Attack (
0), Ranged (+1), Standard Action (-1))

Spatial Awareness (Sense, Accurate, Extended x1) (4 pts)

(31 pts)

Ex wife and two kids.
The public has a right to know.
Cell phone addiction


“This week’s story is a masterpiece of government waste and inefficiency. Congress has been spending our money on these craptastic secret programs. Protecting us from nonsense fairy tales from outerspace, inner space, and Afghanistan. I have talked with some people who think you should know about these ‘incursions’ and others that think you should not be allowed to know what’s ‘really’ going on. Well, friends, whats really going on is that this “Cassandra Protocol” alone is costing the hard working people billions of dollars a year and has nothing to show for it except some juvenile condom jokes and some nice sounding vaporware robots. Really? We have ten percent unemployment, a huge deficit, and these people are wasting money on this? Click here to listen to my full interview with an unnamed source close to the project. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, here are some other wasteful government programs that we should fight tooth and nail!

Marko Keegan is a minor right wing blogger and reporter from way back when… Specifically way back when he realized that he needed to whore himself out to the highest bidder to pay his alimony and child support payments. He has never really held any strong belief’s other than that reporting is good and noble, and that alimony is wrong. He is forty now, and has a shiny new sports car to prove it. His wife has encouraged him to drink and drive, his children have forced him to give up booze, cigarettes, and anything else that makes life fun.

He tries to add some real reporting to his work, and is working hard to make sure his stories are bullet proof, fact wise. If he would just get over the need to have actual facts, maybe he would be working at Fox already.

In his past, he was worked practically every type of paper there is. Legal, criminal, tech, politics, it doesn’t matter, he knows the basics, and a lot of the behind the scenes people no one knows they should know.

Marko Keegan

The CASSANDRA Protocol inarvan Dalton